[draft] Guidelines for Equipment and Service Donations

Nils Lohner lohner at debian.org
Wed Mar 3 15:24:21 UTC 1999

Here's a resolution I'm working on to address concerns about who has 
control of what equipment etc.  Please comment on this, and feel free to 
propose additions, changes, etc.  I would like this resolution to address 
all relevant issues that may come up with donations or loans of equipment 
and services, but also want to keep the resolution general.


-Proposed Draft- Resolution 1999.03.03.nl
Guidelines for Equipment and Service Donations

General Guidelines for Donations

- All equipment and services donated to SPI or any of its affiliated 
projects must be used in compliance with any and all applicable laws

- All equipment will be used to further the goals of SPI and its 
affiliated projects, and will be used in accordance with all SPI rules and 

- The criteria for differentiating between donated and loaned equipment 
shall be whether or not a transfer of ownership from the donor to SPI has 
taken place.

Equipment Guidelines

- Donations of equipment can be marked for a specific project, or for SPI 
in general.  The latter is preferred as it allows SPI more flexibility in 
the usage of equipment.

- Equipment can be donated for a specific purpose.  SPI will make every 
attempt to use it for the specified purpose, but may at its discretion 
(and the discretion of the project that it was earmarked for, if 
applicable) change its use if this is deemed necessary.

- Equipment that is on loan to SPI or an affiliated project will be 
considered a service, and will be used under the service guidelines.

Service Guidelines

- Any restrictions on donations or their usage must be stated at the time 
of donation.

- If the donor wishes to change the conditions under which the service is 
donated or withdraw the service, he must inform SPI (and the project that 
the service is donated to, if applicable) 15 days in advance.

- If SPI (or the project that the service is donated to, if applicable) 
wishes to change the usage of the service, or use the service in a manner 
contrary to that initially specified, they must inform the provider of the 
service 15 days in advance.

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