Proposed resolution 1998-12-13.mgs.1: Donations to SPI

Nils Lohner lohner at
Thu Mar 11 22:11:57 UTC 1999

I saw that.. I was trying to get something more general than this though, 
that way you can apply it to any service more easily.  The specific 
restrictions are left to the specific donation/loan in this case, which I 
think offers more flexibility to both parties and makes more sense.  If 
you think there are core ideas missing from what I've posted, please 


In message <19990311225944.A28810 at>, 
Martin Sch
ulze writes:
>I see that new discussion came up covering what I tried to start
>back in december.  In order to put some oil in the chains here
>is what I proposed last year.
>	Joey
>Martin Schulze wrote on Sun, Dec 13, 1998:
>> This is a proposed resolution.  I'd like to receive comments on it
>> first.
>> Resolution 1998-12-13.mgs.1: Donations to SPI
>> Resolution wrt. donations and dedications

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