Proposed resolution 1998-12-13.mgs.1: Donations to SPI

Wichert Akkerman wichert at
Thu Mar 11 23:36:34 UTC 1999

Previously Martin Schulze wrote:
>  6. Since SPI and affiliated projects will (at least partially) depend
>     on donations and dedication it is not acceptable that this
>     donation or dedication may be terminated at any time.  This could
>     cause major problems for associated projects.

I think you need a loophole in here that in some situations a donator
can require immediate termination. For example if something weird
happens and the donator might get into legal problems or thinks that
SPI abuses the donations.

I also miss the ability to earmark donations for a specific goal. A
donator should be able to say for example `I have this listserver you
can use, but only for security-related projects', or any other possible
restriction. Without this it is also impossible to make a donation
specifically for a single SPI project, such as Debian.


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