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Nils Lohner lohner at spi-inc.org
Mon Mar 15 18:53:41 UTC 1999

[This resolution lays down some basic definitions that will become 
important later on when the bylaws changes will be discussed- especially 
the voting section.  We will probably end up with different approvals for 
motions and resolutions- i.e. it should be easier to add the hosting of a 
mailing list to SPI that it should be to change the bylaws themselves. 
This resolution will be a building block for later discussions.

Comments/additions are welcome.  I know some of this is awkwardly worded, 
so please feel free to suggest improvements. --Nils]

-Proposed Draft- Resolution 1999-03-15.nl
Definition of Motions and Resolutions

This resolution defines the purposes and usages of resolutions and 
motions.  The approval of resolutions and motions will not be discussed in 
this document, but will follow the procedures outlined in the bylaws.  
Resolutions add or change procedures for the operation of SPI, but should 
(if possible) not include technical information.  Resolutions should be 
written generically so that they may be widely applied.

  A resolution shall be used when it is necessary to define a principle, 
procedure or operating guideline that changes the basic operation and 
administration of SPI.  It

Example resolutions include changing the SPI bylaws, establishing new 
procedures or guidelines of operation, and similar decisions.

  A motion shall be used to change technical details within the operation 
of SPI.  These changes are only allowed to happen within the 
organizational framework of SPI as outlined by the charter, bylaws, and 
previous resolutions.  A motion changes or adds operational information, 
but does not change the basic operations of SPI.

Example motions include the acceptance of new projects, nominations of 
board members, and other technical issues.

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