Revision of Bylaws

Darren Benham gecko at
Thu Mar 18 20:33:30 UTC 1999

On Thu, Mar 18, 1999 at 03:13:50PM -0500, Nils Lohner wrote:
> Technically, the way the revisions will work is as follows:
> - write resolutions to change the various articles (one at a time, to 
> avoid confusion and multiple simultaneous discussions- tough to keep track 
> of!)
> - discuss the resolutions until they're ready to be voted on
> - the board will then vote on them.
> - once all necessary articles of the bylaws have been changed, they should 
> be voted into the actual bylaws as a block.  This ensures that the bylaws 
> are not inconsistent with themselves at any given time, and thus avoids 
> confusion.

Just to be clear... after the board votes on the revision, ist the revision part of
the bylaws... or does this "new bylaws" not take actual affect until the
final vote on the bylaws as a block?

- Darren

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