[part 2] Article 3: Membership

Will Lowe harpo at UDel.Edu
Thu Mar 25 04:07:05 UTC 1999

> > [somehow I'd like to phrase this into a good sentence.  Suggestions? :)]
> I'm not totally sure what you're driving at... on the surface, it's obvious
> that the membership controls the organization.. ultimatly.  Surely you are
Well,  it'd be nice to make the distinction that "the _members_ control
SPI",  not "the board controls SPI".  At the moment,  it is (on the
surface) the other way around.

> > [where do we state the complete list of membership criteria?  Here?  In 
> > the charter for the membership committee?  What should the criteria be?]
How about just like we do for Debian:

	A member must meet the criteria set forth by the Membership
Committee acting on behalf of the Company.

That way,  the membership requirements can be more flexible.  We could
even set it up so that the membership committee,  in circumstances of
extreme uncertainty,  can thus query the current membership and say "We're
sitting on the fence.  Should 'Joe' be a member?"


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