[DRAFT 2] Article 3: Membership

Nils Lohner lohner at spi-inc.org
Mon Mar 29 22:36:05 UTC 1999

[Second cut.  
-Some spelling fixes, changes to 'contrib member requirements' 
(simplified, details can go in charter)
- took out the membership time frame (good point, Ean..)- we'll specify 
that in the membership committee charter.  I'm trying to make is so the 
bylaws only need to be edited in extreme circumstances.

I like it in this form, and unless someone has objections/changes to 
voice, would like to leave this and move on to the COMMITTEE section (we 
can again discuss this when it's time to move all the articles into the 
bylaws...).  I think that working on that section before working on the 
voting will give us a better picture of the voting itself as I think the 
committees will play a large part in helping run SPI.



Membership in this organization shall be open to all who meet the approval 
of the membership committee.  Members have the right and responsibility of 
overseeing the board members, officers, and committees and ensuring that 
they operate in accordance with the goals and principles of the 
organization.  All board members, officers, and committees are ultimately 
responsible to the membership, and should act in accordance with its 

  Contributing and non-contributing memberships are available within 
this organization.  Members agree to support the principles and help 
further the goals of this organization.  All membership applications and 
renewals will be reviewed by the Membership Committee.  Applicants must 
meet the criteria set forth in the charter of the Membership Committee.

Members wishing to leave the organization may do so at any time by 
notifying the membership committee of their desire for the membership to 
be terminated.

Contributing Members

  To become a contributing member the applicant must apply for a 
contributing membership and include a list of contributions made to the 
free software community.

   The contributing membership will expire as specified in the membership 
committee charter.  The member will be notified before the expiration of 
the membership and will be asked to send a renewal application with a list 
of projects or free software related activities that they have 
participated in within the previous membership term.  If the membership is 
not renewed, the member status will be downgraded to a non-contributing 
member.  To again become a contributing member at a later time, the member 
can simply follow the renewal process.

   Board members, by virtue of their office, are automatically granted the 
status of contributing members.

Non-contributing Membership

 To become a non contributing member, the applicant must apply for a 
non-contributing membership.  This membership will not expire.

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