There goes the neighborhood!

Bruce Perens bruce at
Tue Nov 26 07:03:53 UTC 2002

OK, folks, please consider this my self-nomination. You should
probably know who I am if you are a voting member, but you can read . I founded this organization. I walked off
the board years ago, for reasons that are a lot of water under the bridge
today, and I've grown up some, especially since becoming a parent. Today,
I am probably one of SPI's harder workers. I represent SPI to various
organizations, including W3C, where I have led a year-long and successful
battle to keep W3C standards free of royalty-bearing patents. I've
also been involved in creating an SPI-alternative organization, see, because SPI's 501(c)3 status won't let us do quite everything
we need to do these days.

I'm busy. No doubt about it. But I can make monthly meetings, these days
just my name opens lots of doors, and I think the organization could use
my guidance.



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