SPI website updated

Branden Robinson / SPI Treasurer branden+spi-treasurer at deadbeast.net
Fri Apr 4 04:40:39 UTC 2003

Hi folks,

I updated the SPI website today with HTML (well, technically, WML)
versions of the following documents:

* Minutes: Board meeting, March 11th, 2003
* Resolutions:
  + 2003-03-11.iwj.1: SPI Board private mailing list
  + 2003-04-01.wta-1: SPI fund management
  + 2003-04-01.wta-2: "Five Percent" Rule Regarding Donations Earmarked
      for Member Projects Withdrawn

Please bring any errors, inaccuracies, etc. to the attention of this
mailing list.


G. Branden Robinson, Treasurer
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
treasurer at spi-inc.org
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