Result for vote regarding new members for the board of directors

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 > On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 08:21:40PM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
 >> Previously Lukas Geyer wrote:
 >> > This is not a dispute but just a clarification request. I see
 >> > some votes which list only one option. As I understood the
 >> > voting guidelines, this effectively amounts to abstaining.
 >> Correct.

 > i thought the voting system would rank the 'default' option as
 > lower than all the expressed votes and higher than all the
 > non-expressed votes.

	What default option?

 > I even asked about this, and was told that it was so on this list,
 > if i remember well.

	Are you sure you did not do so on the debian voting list?

 > So a vote with only one option (one candidate) should be a vote
 > where this candidate rate higher than (defeats) all other
 > candidates. How can that be similar to abstention ?

	The way it works is that a vote for one candidate is ranks
 that candidate higher than a non-existent default option, and other
 candidates are unranked. So the vote did not cause the selected
 candidate as winning over any other candidate.

	I think the way it is set up is fine, since it allows people
 to express I would prefer a over b, but I don't care whether the
 others win or lose.

	I would have thought the description of the voting mechanism
 was clear about this, but obviously your mileage has varied. 

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