Board meeting procedure

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Tue Jul 8 19:39:25 UTC 2003

I think we should change the usual procedure at board meetings:

1. No items on the agenda that aren't accompanied by a firm proposal
   (or alternative versions, if there's a disagreement) in
   ready-to-vote resolution form.  There ought to have been at least a
   week or so for discussion by email.

2. Reports: these should be posted in advance to the board list.  They
   should be accompanied by a standard form resolution like
   `the board thanks so-and-so, and accepts the report'.

3. No discussion during the meeting.  Strictly.  Anything that
   requires discussion to be postponed until next meeting or email
   voting.  If board members feel the discussion has not been adequate
   then they should vote NO on the relevant motion.

4. Meeting chair to be ruthless.

5. Above rules may be deviated from in case of necessity (external
   deadlines, emergencies etc.).

There is no need for us to formally approve this as a motion, although
it might help.  It would be sufficient for the board to informally
signal agreement and for the meeting chair to implement it.


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