SPI Workshop/Brainstorming Session at Debconf

David B Harris david at eelf.ddts.net
Sun Jul 20 03:12:09 UTC 2003

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003 19:34:06 -0400
Theodore Ts'o <tytso at mit.edu> wrote:
> Put another way, suppose someone came up to you, and said, "our
> particular project needs a legal/fincancial home to so we can accept
> donations, et. al., and we have a couple of options, including (a)
> affiliating with the SPI, (b) affiliating with the Apache Foundation,
> (c), or creating our own non-profit organization with its own board
> and legal charter.  Please advise us what we should do".  What advice
> would you give that particular project leader, and why?

Personally, if I were in such a position (looking for a legal umbrella
for a project), I would *really* like it if they were all more or less
identical, and I could simply pick the least-used one.

The nature of these organisations is legal; as such, they can be sued
into oblivion, leaving their member-projects out in the cold. Thus, the
more the merrier - bad idea to put all the eggs in one basket and
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