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Steve Greenland steveg at
Tue Jul 29 21:33:10 UTC 2003

As an interested observer who finds even the edited IRC logs of the
board meetings unbearable:

On 29-Jul-03, 15:12 (CDT), Wichert Akkerman <wichert at> wrote: 
> Previously Ian Jackson wrote:
> > No-one followed up to my email, so I assume people didn't think it
> > unreasonable, but this last meeting turned into another collosal waste
> > of time and IRC argument.
> I did request everyone to post resolutions before the meeting,
> admittedly somewhat late though.
> > 9. There shall be strictly no discussion during the meeting.  Anything
> >    that requires more discussion than has taken place before the
> >    meeting shall be postponed until next meeting or email voting.  If
> >    board members feel the discussion has not been adequate then they
> >    should vote NO on the relevant motion.
> Is this too strict possibly? This will reduce meetings to voting and
> notices. I would like to leave some room to discuss alternate already
> proposed resolutions.

Ian's whole point is that if the resolutions are posted sufficiently in
advance, then there is plenty of time for discussion via e-mail, and no
point in wasting everyone's time by re-iterating that discussion in a
frenzy of bad spelling and mangled sentences. (Or so I presume...)

If someone really does come up with a brilliant new alternative, then
they should say so, and everyone can't vote NO (or postpone) on the
existing proposal, and you can discuss in plenty of time for the next


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