Board meeting procedure

David B Harris david at
Wed Jul 30 22:26:06 UTC 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 20:53:21 +0100
Ian Jackson <ijackson at> wrote:
> After last board meeting, I said that I think we should change the
> usual procedure at board meetings to avoid them turning into argument
> fests.
> No-one followed up to my email, so I assume people didn't think it
> unreasonable, but this last meeting turned into another collosal waste
> of time and IRC argument.
> So, since just stating my opinion hasn't worked, I'm going to propose
> a formal resolution, which I'll ask Wichert to put (as the first
> item!) on the agenda of the next meeting.  A draft is below.

I might ask that if this is carried out (I don't see any major problem
with it myself), that more board discussion is done on -private, to let
the contributing members participate.

I can't think of anything in recent history which was both a) only
discussed by the board via email or in the IRC meeting and b) had good
contributing member input, but such things can be fairly common.
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