Status of purcel

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Mar 10 13:31:11 UTC 2003

Wichert Akkerman writes ("Re: Status of purcel"):
> You can see the usage on the cricket graphs. It is a pII-350 with 128mb
> of memory and a 4gb SCSI disk. The main bottlenecks are memory and
> diskspace. 

The spare machine I have is a K6-II 350 with 128Mb of RAM.  It doesn't
have any disk (that got cannibalised for something else).  It's
currently in a 10-year-old full tower case, but I have a spare mini
tower somewhere I think, but we're not talking 1U here.

I'm not sure if that machine, with the addition of a random disk,
would be able to take the load.  Do you want two machines ?  You could
put the heavy work on one and leave the other to do the light work


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