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Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Tue Sep 9 19:03:16 UTC 2003

There is a catch our legal advisor needs to look into as well. From
http://www.networkforgood.org/npo/fundraising/donations/ :

    If you link your organization's Web site directly to the Network for
    Good Giving System as described below, you should be aware that
    doing so may be considered a solicitation of charitable
    contributions subject to registration and regulation by statute in
    approximately 38 states.  Several of these state statutes consider
    the solicitation to be made where the donor resides, and to have
    occurred whether or not a contribution is made.  Since the Network
    for Good Giving System is not limited to a single state or states,
    linking your site to the Network for Good Giving System could
    require your organization to register in multiple states. You should
    consult with your own legal advisor as to the necessity and method
    of registering in your particular situation.  Neither Network for
    Good, the Network for Good Giving System, nor its partners are
    responsible for assisting your organization in such registration
    process or for any liability for failure to do so properly.


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