Treasurer's report (or lack thereof)

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Tue Dec 7 13:47:50 UTC 2004

David Graham writes ("Meeting reminder!"):
> Agenda, as always, is at

I have some comments on the minutes, item 4 `Treasurer's report'.

I too agree that what was delivered was not a real Treasurer's
report, and others (IIRC) said so in the meeting.  No-one seemed to
contend that a proper treasurer's report had been delivered.

I therefore think this item in the minutes should be amended to read
something like:

  No treasurer's report was available.  However:

  Jimmy Kaplowitz informed the board that the First IB account is not
  yet open. American Express has also not closed our bank account with
  them at this time.

  Branden Robinson stated our account balances as $238.27 and $4759.43.
  The balance of our savings account was not known.

  Some board members requested that the Treasurer deliver a written
  report to the board 7 days in advance of the next meeting.

I note that we have had no report.  This situation is getting very
worrying.  I would like the lack of coherent and complete reports from
the Treasurer put on the agenda.  As a talking point, here is a draft

 Proposed resolution 2004-12-07.iwj.1


 1. The board has not had a proper report from the Treasurer since the
    Treasurer took office.

 2. The Treasurer was requested by board members at the last meeting
    to prepare a report.

 3. No report has been prepared sufficiently far advance of the board
    meeting for the board to study and respond to it.


 4. The board is disappointed that the Treasurer has failing to keep
    the board properly informed regarding the state of SPI's finances,
    and of the efforts to transfer to a new bank account.

 5. The Treasurer is reminded that funds are available to hire
    professional bookkeeping help.

 6. The Board expects a draft formal report, in writing, from the
    Treasurer, no later than 14 days following this resolution, and
    preferably sooner.

 7. The Board expects the Treasurer to respond promptly and
    constructively to questions regarding the draft report, including
    in particular requests for additional information.  Additional
    information and clarifications requested should be included in the
    Treasurer's formal written report to the next Board meeting.

 8. That Treasurer's report should be made available in substantially
    final form sufficiently far in advance of the meeting for the
    Board to read and discuss it.

Just for the avoidance of doubt, this is not a criticism of Branden.
I don't have personal knowledge of the exact details of Jimmy and
Branden's relationship and cooperation.  It is Jimmy's responsibility
to report properly to us.


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