Not so easy to make donations : why not use Paypal for example ?

Jean-Philippe Georget jpgnews1 at
Sat Dec 18 10:15:57 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I want to donate some money to Debian project.

I have already donate to the wikimedia project. It is very easy and

With Debian project and SPI, I think it's too complicated:

 - Firstly, you have to understand well english. 

 - Donations in Europe is indicated later on the web page

 - Next, I live in France and it seems that the more easy way to
   donate is to use a german bank (always in english... or german) or

 - Then I have to think if there is some taxes to pay with it...

With Wikipedia, it took me about 4 minutes (also to go downstairs and
take my credit card) to give some money to the project.  Please see how it is easy with
Paypal (perhaps there is other way to do it).

Thanks for your attention

Jean-Philippe Georget 

PS. If you want to answer me please use my email adress. I didn't
subscribe to the list and I hope it's the right on. Sorry if not.
Jean-Philippe Georget
jpgnews1 at

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