Resolution 2004-01-05.wta.1: improving quorum regulations

Wichert Akkerman wichert at
Tue Jan 6 18:14:49 UTC 2004

Resolution 2004-01-05.wta.1: improving quorum regulations


1. the current rules with respect to quorum are per-meeting rather
   than per-vote which can lead to an undesirable low number of votes,

2. it is desirable to be able to vote when less than 2/3 of all members
   are present,


3. the third alinea of article four of the by-laws is replaced with these
   three alinea:

	A meeting is any event, occasion, or discussion where at least
	one vote is held among members of the board and sufficient
	members vote for that vote to be considered binding.

	There shall be no quorum requirement for a meeting to take
	place. However, no individual vote taken by the board may be
	binding without the participation of at least half the board
	members. If two-thirds of the board members participate, then a
	simple majority shall be required for passage, unless the item
	being voted on sets a higher requirement. If fewer than
	two-thirds of the board members participate, then unanimous
	approval of the members present with no abstentions shall be
	required. The participation requirement is met only when a given
	board member votes or expresses a wish to abstain on a specific

	Votes may be conducted in any fair way the Board sees fit,
	provided it meets the above mentionned conditions.

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