Resolution 2004-01-05.wta.2: resolution publication rules

Wichert Akkerman wichert at
Tue Jan 6 18:15:08 UTC 2004

Resolution 2004-01-05.wta.2: resolution publication rules


1. the current by-laws do not mandate that accepted resolutions made


2. these two alinea be added to the end of article five of the by-laws:

	Any resolution passed by the Board of Directors of this
	organisation may, with the absolute unanimous consent of all
	Board members, be kept confidential from the membership and the
	public. If any Board member decides at a future date that the
	resolution should no longer be confidential, unanimous consent
	will be considered to no longer exist and the resolution will
	henceforth be available to the membership.

	No resolution may be considered enacted or enforceable until it
	is either available to the entire contributing membership or the
	Board has unanimously agreed to keep it confidential under the
	above procedure.

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