non-profit in NY, MA, IN, etc

Steve Greenland steveg at
Mon Jul 12 16:20:50 UTC 2004

On 12-Jul-04, 10:34 (CDT), Josip Rodin <joy at> wrote: 
> Our donations web page says that we're a non-profit corporation under the
> laws of New York State. The IRS data indicates Boston, Massachusetts. Our
> address is Indianapolis, Indiana and can be anywhere. It seems to me that it
> would be advisable to explain the relevance of all this, or simply say that
> it's non-profit in the USA and be done with it.

It's not quite that simple. The 501c3 status is a federal tax code
thing. State tax codes may are may not use identical criteria, and may
or may not recognize 501c3 for the purposes of state income tax.

Probably the best thing is to say that SPI is 501c3 corporation (or
whatever the exact, legal designation is), and let individuals determine
how that affects them and their taxes.

Which probably amounts to your last sentence, but we want to be careful
about exactly what we imply with our phrasing, and I'm a little
concerned that "non-profit in the USA" is a little over-reaching.


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