Call for votes for annual board member elections

Anthony Towns aj at
Sat Jul 17 11:05:25 UTC 2004

On Sat, Jul 17, 2004 at 03:27:34AM -0700, Bruce Perens wrote:
> Anthony Towns wrote:
> >Isn't Branden already on the board of directors?
> Branden recently relinquished the position of treasurer.

Branden relinquished the position of treasurer over six months ago,
going by resolution "" [0]; Jimmy Kaplowitz was
appointed as treasurer replacing Branden on the 20th Feb, four and a
half months ago.  Wichert wrote in the message announcing that [1] that
"Branden will continue to serve on the board of directors." In the next
meeting of the board, on March 2nd [2], there was a vote amongst the
board on "Branden's reappointment", which you voted in favour of. The
next vote ("Suspension of by-laws vote") was voted on by you, Branden
and Jimmy along with the rest of the board.


So, I repeat, isn't Branden already on the board of directors?


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