Project specific donations

John Hasler jhasler at
Tue Oct 12 00:01:53 UTC 2004

Adam Fedor wrote:
> All of our copyrights are held by the FSF, so I'm assuming that if there
> was any legal action, they would handle it. Or would SPI possibly become
> involved as well?

If someone decided that you were infringing their copyright or patent they
would sue whoever they thought was distributing the infringing work.  That
might include SPI if SPI appeared to be the corporate entity behind your
organization.  There are other possible legal actions: for example, someone
might give you money and then accuse you of soliciting it improperly or
spending it improperly.  SPI would be on the hook for that.

I'm not saying SPI shouldn't hold your funds for you: just that there are
reasons why SPI has to know what you are doing with them.
John Hasler

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