making SPI's public mailing lists subscriber-posting-only

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Fri Oct 15 12:48:38 UTC 2004

Bill Allombert writes ("Re: making SPI's public mailing lists subscriber-posting-only"):
> Please do, but be sure to unsubscribe me in the process, since I 
> don't use my subscription address as my sender address and I don't
> want to be subscribed to a mailing list I can't post to.

This is not necessary.  What you do, is subscribe your posting address
to the list and then change the settings to `no mail delivery'.  That
way you are `subscribed' but don't actually get the mails in the
wrong mailbox.

This is a bit of faff, which is unfortunate, but I think on balance
that I'd rather have a list I had to wrestle the MLM software for
once, than one that's full of spam.

> Alternatively, the list could also accept GPG signed email so I would
> still be able to post.

I'm working on software to do this in my Copious Free Time (tm).


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