Efficient board meetings, revised

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Fri Oct 15 21:37:22 UTC 2004

John Hasler wrote:

>Bruce writes:
>>Are you sure it's broken?
>The meetings strike me as not all that different from in-person meetings of
>a similar nature that I have attended.  I don't see that anything is really
The only things I can think of, which IMO aren't evidence of the process 
being broken, are:

1. I */HATE /*IRC. Most folks type so slowly, it's like pushing my head 
slowly through gelatine to get anything done. Actually, the SPI board is 
better than most in this regard. IRC with mere mortals rather than 80 
WPM-typing hackers is pure torture.

2. The IRC mechanism requires all of the players to be there at the same 
time. There are time-zone difficulties. Some of us would like to 
consider issues and vote at times of our own choosing, rather than one 
interval that everyone compromises upon.


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