Efficient board meetings, revised

Martin Schulze joey at infodrom.org
Sat Oct 16 06:51:48 UTC 2004

Bruce Perens wrote:
> I think it's an excellent idea to empower committees to do more work, 
> rather than leave that work to the SPI board to micromanage. However, I 
> don't believe that SPI's board meetings are disfunctional.

They're probably not disfunctional, but they are at least suboptimal
and difficult to handle (at least for me).

Committees are good if they do the work conciously and report to the
board regularly.

> I feel that the banter on SPI IRC board meetings is a natural part of 
> getting a bunch of somewhat hot-headed people together, and allows them 
> to blow off some of the agression that they would otherwise direct at 
> each other in more harmful ways.
> Are you sure it's broken?

The problems John outline still exist, for example:

 - people unprepared due to late resolutions and stuff
 - people chatting offtopic due to.. -------"--------
 - people don't discuss issues/resolutions via mail before



Unix is user friendly ...  It's just picky about its friends.

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