Efficient board meetings, revised

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sat Oct 16 19:20:21 UTC 2004

martinMartin Schulze writes ("Re: Efficient board meetings, revised"):
> Ian Jackson wrote:
> >  * Explicit statement that board members are expected to participate
> >    in email discussions etc., not just meetings.
> You know that this is in direct conflict with your own participation
> in email discussions, right?  Just to be sure, I'm not missing a point...

I know that some people have criticised me for not participating
enough in between meetings.  Me starting this discussion about board
decision processes is an attempt to improve my participation; the item
in my resolution is a promise by me to do better and I hope a
clarification of others' understanding of what is required.

> I'm all for it, but it seems to me that social problems are tried
> to be solved with technical stuff, which is bound to fail.  I'd be
> glad to be proven wrong, though.

I'm trying to solve social problems with social stuff, I think:
mainly, reminding people of what's expected and/or getting us to have
a discussion about what expected.

> > 15. Guests will not be asked to state their name during the meeting.
> >     Instead, the Secretary shall start logging the channel 15 minutes
> >     before the meeting, and guests will be asked to state their name
> >     during that period, or when they arrive if they arrive later.
> Not sure if this is new, but using /msg to the acting Secretary should
> probably be permitted as well.

That would be very sensible.  Depending on the outcome of our
discussions about IRC meetings, etc., I'll include the suggestion in a
revision of my `Efficient Board Meetings' resolution.


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