Resolution 2004-10-16.dbg.1: Committee Framework

David Graham - SPI Secretary cdlu at
Sun Oct 17 17:35:06 UTC 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Fine, except that one year is a long time within the Free Software
> world.
> Please make this twice or thrice a year.

The resolution establishes a once-per-year minimum, not a fixed number.
Individual charters can require more than that, but some committees may
simply have no reason to report more than that. The committee chair's
interaction with the secretary may in many cases be sufficient.

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Resolution 2004-10-16.dbg.1: Committee Framework
> Do we have good suggestions for committees to form ?  Are we intending
> to form a committee for, broadly speaking, every area of the board's
> responsibility ?

My mission with this resolution is not to create a huge volume of new
committees or contemplate which ones to create. For starters, my intention
is to clean up and homogenise the charters of the committees we already

It's frustrating to me that we have several committees on the books, but
the membership and work of some of these committees are complete

If there are more committees to be added in the future, which I am sure
there will be, we can add them at that time.

> Another possibility would be an associated project liason committee
> which would approve new associated projects, deal with their
> representation to the main board, etc.

s/approve/prepare and make recommendations to the board about/. That could
be a useful committee, assuming we have volunteers to sit on it.

At the moment, we have six committees on file that I'm aware of. They are
all listed at:

I would like to know what all six committees are up to and who is on all
six of those committees, two of which appear to be completely defunct.

David Graham, SPI Secretary
cdlu at   D5F45889

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