XEtrade - agenda item for today's meeting

Jimmy Kaplowitz treasurer at spi-inc.org
Tue Apr 12 18:15:42 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I've been meaning to send this to -general for discussion for a week or
so at this point, so now I'd like it simply to be on the agenda for
today's meeting for brief discussion there. There is a currency exchange
and payment service, XEtrade, that looks very useful for transfering
money to non-American payees, whether that would be the Debconf5 team or
an Australian/Canadian/European/Korean/Japanese/etc. who is owed money
by Debian/wxWidgets/Drupal/etc. They support many currencies, and since
they specialize in foreign exchange they don't charge commissions or
fees beyond a small spread in the exchange rate. I reviewed their Better
Business Bureau record as well as their Terms and Conditions, and it
seems good enough that I want to sign up in time to use it for DebConf5.
Still, I thought I'd solicit everyone's opinion. Look it over in the
next few hours and we'll discuss it at the meeting. No board vote is
needed IMHO, but I wanted to run it by you before I act.

XEtrade: https://www.xe.com/fx/
XEtrade FAQ: https://www.xe.com/fx/faq.htm

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
treasurer at spi-inc.org
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