Debian UK trademark - draft resolution 2005-08-25.iwj.1

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Aug 25 19:33:31 UTC 2005

For the next Board meeting, or for email voting if Phil wants it


1. Philip Hands has asked on behalf of the Debian UK Society
   (home page for a licence for
   their use of the Debian trademark;

2. The Debian Project Leader has indicated support for the Debian UK
   Society and its activities specifically including taking donations;

3. The Debian UK Society appears to be a good and worthwhile thing;


4. A trademark licence is hereby granted: we permit Debian UK and
   its officers and members to carry on the business of Debian UK as
   currently practiced and as reasonably expected to carry on in the
   future, and as may be explictly permitted or implicitly approved of
   by the Debian Project Leadership;

5. This licence may be revoked at any time, notwithstanding the fact
   that the SPI Board does not currently foresee any desire to do so.

6. In case of any doubt about the interpretation of this licence, the
   opinion of the Debian Project Leadership will be decisive.

7. References to the Debian Project Leadership refer to decisions
   made or Delegated by the Debian Project Leader, or decisions
   Overruling the Leader, all according to the Debian Constitution,
   or by their relevant successors in any amended Constitution.


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