AD:Trade Fair for Valves, Pipelines, Fluid Engineerings and Process Industries

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International Trade Fair for 
Valves, Pipelines, Fluid Engineerings and Process Industries 

The 9th Internationai Valves, Actuators,Pipings,Fittings, 
umps, compressors,Seals,Fluid Machinery,process equipment, 
Instrumentation ,Automation & control Systems Exhibition 

Expo Date 

March 29-31,2006 

Opening Hours 

Wednesday March 29,2006 10:00 to 16:30 
Thursday March 30,2006 09:00 to 16:30 
Friday March 31,2006 09:00 to 16:00 

Application Deadline 

March 1,2006 


Monday March 27,2006 09:00 to 16:30 
Tuesday March 28,2006 09:00 to 16:30 


Friday March 31,2006 16:00 to 22:00 


Guangzhou Gymnasium
No.783,BaiYundadao,BaiYun Area,Guangzhou ,China

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Exhibit profile

■ Valves & actuators 
- Valves for general industrial use
- Valves for special industrial or similar use 
- Valves for use in domestic appliances and similar installations 
- Valve Control Components 
■ Pipelines
Pipings, Fittings ,Hoses, Pipes, Tubing 
Planning, Construction, Operation & Maintenance 
- Industrial pipe supply systems 
- Oil and gas pipelines 
- Gas and water supply lines 
- Sewage pipes and tunnels 
- District heating supply pipes Pipings & Fittings 
■ Pumps 
■ Compressors
■ Seals 
■ Fluid and gas control
■ Fluid machinery
■ Process equipment and technology
■ process instrumentation
■ process measurement, controls, automation and associated equipment and services
■ solutions for Fluid, Powder and Gas Processing

Visitors structure

■ Traders 
dealers, agents, wholesalers, import & export companies, trading organizations, mechanical
 and electrical companies, supply station
■ Scientific research and design organizations
design institutes, engineering design companies, research institutes, research academies
■ Installation companies/Engineering companies
mechanical and electrical installation companies, water and electrical installation companies, 
industrial equipment installation companies, tap water installation companies, water supply 
and draining engineering companies, fire prevention installation companies, refrigerating and 
air conditioning installation companies, environmental protection engineering companies, coal 
gas installation companies, architectural installation companies, boiler installation companies, 
pipe installation companies, instrument engineering companies, automation engineering companies, 
architectural engineering companies, petroleum chemicals engineering companies 
■ Users
urban construction, environmental protection, water supply and draining in cities and towns, 
gas supply , heat supply, water supply and draining, water treatment, sewage treatment, 
irrigation and drainage, compressed air, natural gas, petroleum gas, coal-bed gas, artificial 
fuel gas, oxygen, nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas, air, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, 
coal gas, crude oil, petroleum processing, product oil, petroleum chemicals, inorganic chemicals, 
organic chemicals, fine chemicals, daily chemicals, fertilizer, pesticide, coating, adhesive, 
fuel, printing ink, oil paint, reagent, auxiliary agent, solvent, additives, etc.; thermal 
power station, steam power station, nuclear power station, hydraulic power station, soy sauce, 
grease, sugar making, monosodium glutamate, ice cream, health care food, oral liquids, etc.; 
beer, distilled spirit, fruit juice, milk, bean milk, mineral water, distilled water refrigeration, 
heat supply, boiler, steaming, fire prevention, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, paper making, 
construction materials, textiles, printing and dyeing, machinery manufacturing, ship building, 
energy, pipeline transportation 
■ Key projects, major projects, other related organizations

Guangzhou Flow Expo Co., Ltd., 
(Guangzhou Free Trade Zone Shibo Exhibition Co., Ltd., )
ADD:505 Lifeng Center,7 Qingnian Rood,GETDD,Guangzhou,china
FAX:020-82214624、82209956 P.C.:510730
e-mail:wanwanxy at

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