Board elections: 3 seats up

Anthony Towns aj at
Tue Jul 4 03:30:28 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 01:13:41PM -0400, David Graham - SPI Secretary wrote:
> As per our by-laws and resolution 2004-08-10.dbg.2, three board seats
> will be up for election at this year's Annual Board meeting on July 1st.

I'm not sure if it's been said explicitly elsewhere, but if so I haven't
noticed, so maybe others haven't either -- anyway, the three SPI board
members whose terms are expiring are John Goerzen, Benjamin Mako Hill
and Bruce Perens. For anywone who /really/ hasn't been paying attention,
John's currently the President of SPI, and Mako is the Vice-President
and also has the somewhat SPI related position of "Debian accountant".

John, Mako and Bruce were elected in February 2003 by about 140 SPI
members; the terms for the remaining board members, namely Martin (Joey)
Schulze, Ian Jackson, David Graham, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Bdale Garbee and
Branden Robinson, all expire at next year's annual meeting.

As well, aiui, Jimmy is intending not to continue in his role as treasurer
(though is expecting to remain on the board), and I think David might be
hoping to hand over the role of secretary too once the new board elects
its officers.

According to

the nominations so far have been Michael Schultheiss, Josh Berkus and
Joerg Jaspert; though I'm led to believe that the incumbents are planning
on running again too. So far, David Graham is the only non-DD on the board
(ever), and Josh Berkus is currently the only candidate who's not a DD.

Apparently the annual meeting has been delayed (due to lack of quorum)
until the 11th, which is just two days before nominations for the three
seats close (the 13th).



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