[Spi-private] Re: Process problem with the election.

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Fri Jul 14 14:57:19 UTC 2006

> Toni Mueller wrote:
>> I'm currently impartial about whether this would also make him a good 
>> SPI president.
I'm not running for president. I have never claimed to be a good 
operating officer. If you want and executive director, I'll do that. But 
we do not currently have that position in the by-laws. I don't think 
it's necessary right now.
> I was saying that I think Bruce was overreactiving and that those who 
> matter will read deeper then some microsoft (and definately slashdot) 
> post.
Unfortunately, I think one important chance we might otherwise have had 
has already been closed out by this public discussion. It would further 
damage it to talk about it publicly, but you are welcome to call me at 



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