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Joshua D. Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Fri Jul 14 15:04:00 UTC 2006

>> What procedures will you be using to ensure that you have the backing 
>> of the member organisations?
> The last time I did this, which was the W3C patent policy thing, I asked 
> the SPI board first.

This is important because as new groups sign up, they are going to have
differing ideals about things like software patents.

>> Which of the goals outlined in the SPI bylaws do you believe would 
>> justify this?
> It would be education - one of the main reasons for the organization 
> that we gave at its formation, and to the state and tax authorities. 

Sounds like lobbying not education.

>> There are already lobbying organisations that exist for the purpose of 
>> fighting software patents. Does SPI really need to become another?
> It wouldn't hurt.

Are you kidding? If you believe so strongly in the anti-software patent, 
join an existing PAC... Keep the movement focused. Don't splinter it to 
the point where it's not relevant.

> EFF does not directly speak for software developers. 
> We have our member projects, so we do. We are currently losing the 
> political fight for Free Software, and the fight could use more hands, 
> representing more different parties.
>> Indeed, so I'm struggling to see what this has to do with anything...
> Because SPI's mission can be more relevant than just managing a checkbook.

You mean like this?

     * To create, form and establish an organization to formulate and 
provide software systems for use by the general public without charge;
     * to teach and train individuals regarding the use and application 
of such systems;
     * to hold classes, seminars and workshops concerning the proper use 
and application of computers and computer systems;
     * to endeavor to monitor and improve the quality of currently 
existing publicly available software;
     * to support, encourage and promote the creation and development of 
software available to the general public;
     * to provide information and education regarding the proper use of 
the Internet;
     * to organize, hold and conduct meetings, discussions and forums on 
contemporary issues concerning the use of computers and computer software;
     * to foster, promote and increase access to software systems 
available to the general public;
     * to solicit, collect and otherwise raise money and to expend such 
funds in furtherance of the goals and activities of the corporation;
     * to aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in 
concerted action with private, educational and governmental 
organizations and associations on all issues and matters concerning the 
use of computers and computer software
       and generally
     * to endeavor to promote, foster and advance interest in computers 
and computer software by all available means and methods.

Perhaps we should focus on doing what the SPI purpose states in an 
excellent manner before we try to expand our focus.


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