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>> The newer projects which joined probably also joined (I know PostgreSQL did) under the understanding that SPI was there to support but not direct.
> They don't want SPI to direct their project. I don't think there is a
> problem with SPI directing some common efforts on behalf of all of its
> projects. Indeed, it couldn't operate without doing that.

By having SPI join the political fray directly you are indirectly 
stating that all the projects that are under its umbrella somehow agree 
with the direction that the SPI is taking.

That will be a problem. It will be a bigger problem as more projects 
join, assuming you want more projects to join.

The long and short is there is no common effort except in the most 
extreme and broadest of sense.

There are fundamental and almost theological differences between just 
BSD and GPL. Do you really think you can heard that many different cats 
into even the remote possibility of a common effort?

Case in point, the BSD License is not GPL compatible. Debian believes 
that everything should be Free (in the FSF sense and even more extreme 
sometimes). BSD believes that true freedom is not limiting ANY on 
freedoms on the code, including close sourcing it.

I don't bring this up to start a license war, frankly I think that both 
licenses have a very important role to play. However it does underline 
significant differences in ideology within just the FOSS movement.


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