[Spi-private] Re: money handling

Joshua D. Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Mon Jul 17 05:06:23 UTC 2006

Russ Nelson wrote:
> Josh Berkus writes:
>  > newer projects which joined probably also joined (I know PostgreSQL did) 
>  > under the understanding that SPI was there to support but not direct.
> The theory behind SPI's continued ownership of opensource.org is that
> the Open Source Initiative is a project under SPI's purview.  OSI
> doesn't need any of the standard "write checks, provide legal advice,
> hold assets", so why does SPI not hand over ownership of
> opensource.org?
> The theory is that SPI members have the right, the duty, and the power
> to withdraw the use of opensource.org from OSI should OSI ever take
> actions inimical to the interests of SPI.  I emphasize that this is
> JUST A THEORY.  SPI has NEVER directed NOR ATTEMPTED to direct OSI's
> activities.  SPI hasn't even ASKED us to do anything, except maybe
> stand up a little straighter and get a haircut.  However, there is no
> reason why this theory should not apply to all SPI projects.  Thus, I
> should say that your understanding is wrong.  In theory, anyway.

Wait, are you saying that in theory, the SPI could take PostgreSQL.Org?


Joshua D. Drake

> Board candidates should be aware of this.


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