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Josh Berkus josh at
Mon Jul 17 18:11:29 UTC 2006


Ok, these are pretty clear.   To suppliment my earlier e-mail (please read 
that before these answers), here's some direct yes-no.

> 1. Are you promising to oppose all political activity if elected?

No, I am not.

> 2. How does that tie up with your manifesto promise to "represent
>    the views of the community"?

N/A since the answer to (1) is "no".

> 3. How is SPI doing something directing associated projects?

If we were to engage in major outward-facing political activity without the 
endorsement of the associated projects, we would be effectively "dragging 
them along with us."

> 4. Should SPI work be blockable by any and every associated project?

Depends on the kind of work, and the kind of objection.  In extreme cases, 

> 5. Are you pledging to work to change [required votes] if elected?

If I believe that the initiative has the backing of the majority of SPI 
members and member projects and is consistent with our mission, then I'm 
very good at building consensus.  Keep in mind that consensus usually 
means "compromise" as well, though -- it's not a matter of badgering the 
holdouts into agreement.

> 6. If so, why is your voting reform plan not in your manifesto?

Because currently SPI has a very loose structure in which the members elect 
the board every year and the board does whatever it wants.   Within that 
structure, I don't think that any charter modification is necessary.

I guess one of our differences is that I see listening to the associated 
projects as consistent with (if fact, required by) inviting them to join 
and thus no change in direction for SPI.


Josh Berkus
Acting PostgreSQL Liason, SPI
PostgreSQL Core Team

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