[Spi-private] A question for candidates...

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at debian.org
Tue Jul 18 13:38:05 UTC 2006

Tim Brown wrote:
> How do all candidates (those previously mentioned included - you have
> views on Debian, Postgres etc I am sure) intend to deal with the trade
> off between inclusiveness and individual project positions?

I think individual project positions should be considered when the board
makes decisions.  In many of the Debian votes I've participated in, one
of the options is "Further Discussion" - I think having further
discussion where individual project positions are in contention and
there is no clear consensus would be beneficial to all involved.  When
project positions are in contention and there is a plurality or majority
in favor of a given direction, I think the consensus is fairly clear.
The board members are elected to serve SPI as a whole - if a given
project feels their views are not adequately represented, they have
several options, ranging from trying to convince more people to support
their position to offering a candidate for the next board election.

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc at debian.org

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