[Spi-private] Re: Please moderate the SPI mailing lists

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Jun 8 13:30:38 UTC 2006

Ean Schuessler writes ("Re: [Spi-private] Re: Please moderate the SPI mailing lists"):
> What I suggest is "subscription without recieving". A user could
> subscribe to a list and specify that they recieve no messages. That
> subscription would still require a response to a verification
> mail. We should also have a web control panel where users can see
> all their lists and twiddle their status.

We already have such a thing; Mailman may be awful in many ways but
this isn't one of them.

For example, the only reason this mail will make it through to the
list is exactly because I have subscribed as ijackson at chiark; and I
have edited my options to disable mail delivery here so that I can
filter the list traffic more easily and reliably.


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