Meeting reminder - june 20th - and agenda

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Tue Jun 20 19:24:27 UTC 2006

David Graham writes ("Meeting reminder - june 20th - and agenda"):
> The next SPI board meeting will take place on June 20th, 2006 at
> 19:00 UTC. The agenda is available at:

Today during the meeting I discovered that this agenda contained items
which were not discussed at all on any board mailing list and we were
expected to go and read this agenda web page to discover.

This is (a) contrary to established practice (which is that the agenda
page has not in recent memory contained anything of note that wasn't
also mentioned on the lists); (b) contrary to good practice (because
no-one can say exactly what was or was not on the agenda page at any
particular time).

IMO items for the board's discussion should be emailed to the board
list in advance and I don't think a formulaic meeting reminder counts.


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