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I have a new email address!You can now email me at: al_7799 at yahoo.com


   My Name is Alan Shaw, the Personal and confidential Aide of the late 

Former Prime minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri, a  business man, the 

owner of  "Cell C",One of the South Africa leading mobile phone 



   I am contacting you because of the need to work with a person whom I 

can trust. I have no previous relationships with You, and I got your 

contact information from your countrys business directory and I have 

confirmed your country as economic conducive for Investment with 

transparent and Trust-worthy citizens at the same time ideal for decent 

and quite life which is my priority.


    I have a situation here in London, where my late boss, Rafik Hariri 

made a lodgment with my name in confidence with a security company " 

Stallion Security Company" in South Africa. This deposite is to the 

tune of (US$15.5m) Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States 

Dollars in cash. The money was realized from diamond deal he strucked 

in South Africa with some of his partners, who's names i can not 

disclose now for security reasons.Therefore,  I am seeking your 

assistance to take this money out of South Africa.Presently i have gone 

into hiding for security reasons. 

     All you need to claim this consignment from the security company is a 

letter of Authorisation from me, to effect the change of ownership of 

the consignment to your name. The lawyer that can handle this process 

legaly is readily available.The lawyer will also assist you to open a 

none residence account where this money will be deposited for onward 

transfer to your account in your country. 


     After the fund gets into your Bank account in your country, 30% of the 

total Amount will be for you for your assistance and 5% will be used to 

settle  all the expenses that might be incured in the course of this 

transaction. This transaction is 100% risk free. 

    NB: This is a Confidential Information, please do not copy or deliver 

this message to anyone else.  Kindly contact me on this email: alan_shaw at mail.ru for private reasons.


Alan Shaw.

- Alan Shaw

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