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Mr Drameh Gasama

>From Mauritania                                          


                                              URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL 

Good day.I am Drameh Gasama, from Mauritania in West Africa. I have instructed my son  to contact you for a possible investment assistance as i need a foreign partner who will work with my son to invest some funds in your country. I have the amount of US$21. 5 Million dollars ready for investment as soon as the fund is transfered out of Africa from where i deposited it . I am one of the top Government officials in formal regime in Mauritania where the military just took over power last month. I will not be meeting with you now because i am in a critical condition, therefore i will send my son along with instructions to Senegal where i deposited this fund and where he will feel free to communicate with you. 

Meanwhile, based on my son's inexperience in business, i advised that you can effectively use your experience and good will in business with the available investment fund for mutual benefits. It will be a delight to have your direct and personal contact numbers for one on one discussion over this matter with my son upon his arrival in Senegal.


Thank you for your understanding.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Mr Drameh Gasama

- dramehgasama drame

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