[Junta] Re: debian.eu domain?

J. Javier Maestro jjmaestro at computer.org
Mon May 8 17:19:06 UTC 2006

Hi all, 

Here is some info on the guy that registered the EU domain:


jjmaestro at nias:~$ whois -F -h whois.eu debian.eu
	Domain:      debian

So, the application is *not* complete. This is good :)

Then, checking the web-based whois (http://www.whois.eu), it shows the
following (see attached PDF for a mode detailed printout)

Position    Applied  	Applicant			Status
1	  07/02/2006	Gomez Vergara Jose Maria	Expired

So, the application has expired. Even better 8)

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon to see further details on the
application... (also attached in a PDF document)

 Application Details
    Domain Name			debian
    Applied			07/02/2006
    Prior Right			Other
    Prior Right Country		Spain
    Prior Right on		debian
    Name			Gomez Vergara, Jose Maria
    Language			English
    Address			C/Castilla 20
    				29007 Malaga
    Phone			+34.64996548
    Email			josemaria at kanbilibit.com


Now, tracking this guy:

	- http://www.kanbilibit.com/   (warning, the website resizes the
	  browser!) is a clinic based in Barcelona, Madrid. I guess J. Maria
	  works there as IT...
	- Google gives us a nice cache page with info from this guy:
		search: jose maria gomez vergara kanbilibit
	  Fom this page, we get his "login" name, jmgv, and another google
	  with debian jmgv shows us that the guy is/wants to be a Debian
	- From the Google cached page, we can get his full mobile phone (the
	  whois verson is missing the last digit):  +34 649.965.484

All in all, the application is expired, and I think SPI, if wanted/needed,
could apply and get the domain.

My 2 EU-cents :D

: :'  :     J. Javier Maestro
`. `'`   <jjmaestro at computer.org>

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