Investment and Cooperation Opportunity.

Paul Andersen info.triumphinvestment03 at
Fri May 19 16:21:56 UTC 2006

 Dear Sir,
Allow me introduce our company to you, we are a modest Cayman Islands 
based Middle East Business and Finance Consultancy, offering service to 
midline businesses and individuals in the middle east who desire to 
expand into other countries or business activities.
We are presently confronted with a request to invest funds in your 
country,the funds belong legitimately to widower from Saudi Arabia and the 
funds are deposited with a depository.
Against this background we are seeking your indulgence to respond to us 
indicating if you are capable and wiling to partner with us in the 
investment of One Hundred and Twenty Five Million US Dollars, in a covert expedient and 
confidential manner.
The investor in this case is interested in Industry and real estate, 
and your advice will be much valuable and highly regarded in these and 
other business areas.
Your swift response will be appreciated, and we will like you to 
include a brief profile of yourself family or business, along with your 
complete contact information in your response.
Thank you so much and we look forward to doing business with you.
Paul Andersen
Associate Partner
Triumph Investment Company Ltd.

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