no SPI meeting remainder ?

Joshua D. Drake jd at
Sun Nov 26 17:41:30 UTC 2006

> What happened at the meeting?  Did SPI give away the domain?

No it was decided it would be discussed at the next meeting IIRC.

> In short: the navigation to that page is screwy, so I can't see why
> asking where it was got such a hostile answer.
>>> Finally, what is the expected path from for
>>> members to find out about meetings?  I resorted to playing 'guess the
>>> URL' again.

I have to say, I didn't find getting information about the meetings 

However... I will say that someone (I don't know if this is MJ or not) 
who is not familiar with corporate structure is going to struggle to 
find out where the meeting are.

Clicking Corporate->Meetings just won't make sense to most, regardless 
of how accurate it is.


Joshua D. Drake

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