no SPI meeting remainder ?

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Nov 27 12:56:02 UTC 2006

MJ Ray writes ("Re: no SPI meeting remainder ?"):
> Michael Schultheiss <schultmc at> wrote:
> > The spi-announce list was configured to discard posts from
> > non-subscribed addresses.  I've updated the list config so Neil's posts
> > to spi-announce aren't discarded in the future.
> I'm amazed.  [...]

You're amazed that mail occasionally falls by the wayside nowadays ?
Where have you been living the last decade ?

Spam levels on the public internet are running at _at least_ 90%.  For
some recipients, it's much much higher.  This means that to even a
small erroneous acceptance rate can render an email flow unuseable
because of the spam volume.  This in turn means that not-optimal
antispam measures are deployed in desperation.

This situation is probably not going to improve until the people who
currently run the world are replaced with a new generation who have
suffered this problem personally.


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