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Anthony Towns leader at debian.org
Mon Apr 16 15:15:07 UTC 2007

SPI board,

As my term as DPL ends today, this is my last message as Debian
liaison. There are a handful of outstanding issues that need addressing:

1) Please take action on the relicensing of the Debian logos as per
   the mail I sent on 22nd February [0].

2) Please create a fund for DebConf 7 expenses, to be managed by:

	* Neil McGovern (neilm at debian.org)
	* Steve McIntyre (93sam at debian.org)
	* Joerg Jaspert (joerg at debian.org)

   The fund should have an initial balance of $10,000 USD drawn from
   existing Debian funds. Any donations earmarked for "DebConf",
   "DebConf 7", "Debian Conference" or similar should be added to this
   fund, as should any donations made to Debian for which Neil, Steve or
   Joerg are able to provide documentary evidence that it was intended
   for DebConf 7. SPI should release money from this fund for DebConf
   related expenses according to the directions of Neil, Steve or Joerg,
   provided that does not leave the fund overdrawn at any point and
   copies of any appropriate invoices, receipts and so forth are provided.

3) Sam Hocevar [1] has been elected Debian Project Leader, with his term
   beginning on the 17th of April 2007. As per declaration 4 of SPI
   resolution 2007-02-28.iwj.1, I presume SPI will recognise decisions,
   statements and delegations made by Sam Hocevar as being made on behalf
   of Debian. Sam has been added to the leader at debian.org alias which
   is subscribed to the SPI board list as Debian's liaison address.


[0] Message-ID: <20070223025437.GA23740 at azure.humbug.org.au>, available
    at http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2007/02/msg00206.html and
    bounced to board along with this message.

[1] Contactable via sho at debian.org or leader at debian.org, and identified by
    the GPG key with fingerprint 1155 4B19 A50F 1136 6E60 A499 7CF3 F5AF
    2949 9F61.

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