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MJ Ray mjr at
Sat Dec 29 14:08:38 UTC 2007

Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy at> wrote:
> Why not put a bot there yourself that only logs while meetings are
> occurring and doesn't make noise, and then either emails those summaries
> out to -general or allows you to do it after any necessary light
> editing?

Because Joerg seemed to threaten to kill any bots.  If, as you report,
that's not the case, then fine.

A minor drawback is that I won't be around during most meetings to fix
any bot bugs, so the tried-and-tested meetbot would be better, but if
that's not an option, but bots are allowed, I've no problem running my

> In related news, I've talked one-on-one with Neil about ways I can help,
> and with some newly granted permissions relating to the website I'm
> going to get the official public record of SPI's minutes/resolutions/etc
> much more up to date within the upcoming days, as my schedule permits.

Well, great to see one of the offers of help taken up.  Keep us
informed when stuff appears, please!

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