ASL/SPI partnership

Josh Berkus josh at
Wed Jan 24 17:08:03 UTC 2007


> So, an ASL-SPI partnership similar to the ffis-SPI one in theory seems
> a good idea to me.  I ask the next board meeting to state what the
> requirements and process are for new SPI partnerships, whether they
> are interested in partners in any particular countries and to contact
> faw about an ASL-SPI partnership (address in headers).

I take it that this would be just a pledge for them to pay our expenses in 
Brazil, and for us to pay theirs in N. America?  

> About debconf 4: what has happened to the US$ 19k+ invested from
> ?  I don't remember seeing it on any SPI treasurer reports.

We have an investment account that hasn't been part of my reports because I'm 
still working on mastering our checking account.  Beyond that, I'm not sure 
what you're referring to; I wasn't here in 2003.

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