ASL/SPI partnership

Josh Berkus josh at
Mon Jan 29 04:22:27 UTC 2007


> 	Yes, I think is is something like that.  Since DebConf4,
> is holding Debian's money and every once in a while, Brazilian Debian
> Developers request Debian Project Leader (DPL) approval to use the money
> to pay for a booth or to make some CDs.  The money is also used in
> situations like DebConf reimbursements.

Hmmm.  How would we handle eventual balance-of-payment issues?   Given that 
we're liable to raise more money in the US?  We can't just transfer to 
you.  :-(

> 	With the last change in the Debian Constitution, it seems that
> DPL is able to apoint a list of "sister" organizations that can take
> care of Debian's money, which is in fact what already happen, because
> do not use the money without DPL approval and a Brazilian DD
> "hint" (which basically means, translating and forwarding mails to the
> right people). ;)

Yes.  If we're talking Debian only, the DPL can ask me to pay *any* Debian 
expense; he doesn't have to justify it as a sister organization or anything.  
As long as the DPL asks for it, someone produces a receipt and it's not 
something specifically prohibited, I'll pay it.  

Now, I think it might be more useful to do partnerships for all SPI 
organizations.  PostgreSQL, for example, has a large community in Brazil and 
no non-profit org there.  I'll have to talk to them about that when I'm there 
for FISL8.

Josh Berkus
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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